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swf Image Replacement

Posted by Rock on July 29, 2007

The team of Jon Aldinger, Mark Huot, and Dan Mall have released swfIR to bring in swf Image Replacement.

swfIR (swf Image Replacement) is here to solve some of the design limitations of the standard HTML image and its widely-accepted associated CSS values, while still supporting standards-based design concepts. Using the dark arts of JavaScript and Flash, swfIR gives you the ability to apply an assortment of visual effects to any or all images on your website. Through progressive enhancement, it looks through your page and can easily add some new flavor to standard image styling.

Using swfIR is easy by just using the natural ability to style regular images. Because of browser inconsistencies, swfIR will add a <span> with a class of swfir around the images being replaced.

Want to check out a couple examples?

While you are at it, don’t miss out on Dan Mall’s first ALA submission, Semantic Flash: Slippery When Wet.


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Does the Format of Your Title Tag Matter in SEO?

Posted by Rock on July 29, 2007

A WebmasterWorld thread asks if the format of a title tag matter much in terms of SEO?

Excluding your the keywords you are placing in the title tag, just thinking about the format of the keyword you put in that title tag, does it matter?


  • Red Widgets–Red Widget Supplier
  • Red Widget – Red Widget Supplier
  • Red Widget ¦ Red Widget Supplier
  • Red Widget : Red Widget Supplier

Now, everyone in the thread is in agreement that Google will ignore all those characters. So you can technically go with any version you like. It should not make a difference in terms of how well your page ranks in the search engine if you choose a : over a -. Note, this is not the URL formatting of the page, it is the title tag.

Now, the rest is a matter of personal preference and what you think may lead to a higher click through rate from the search results.

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Digg Partners with Microsoft for Ad Delivery

Posted by Rock on July 29, 2007

Yesterday, Digg made an announcement that it dropped Google as its advertising partner and has chosen to sign a three-year exclusive advertising deal with Microsoft. Search Engine Land quotes Microsoft’s Steve Berkowitz about the move:

Our collaboration with Digg is about bringing our advertising technology and sales force to one of the fastest-growing sites on the Web and a true innovator in user-generated content. We believe advertisers will welcome Microsoft and Digg’s combined strengths to forge more meaningful connections online.

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Pricing Structure for AdSense Referrals

Posted by Rock on July 29, 2007

Google recently announced a new pricing structure for AdSense referrals. The change comes from feedback that they received on the difficulty of generating revenue with AdSense and AdWords referrals.

They’ve introduced a new pricing structure for both programs:

AdSense Referrals:

  • When a publisher who signed up for Google AdSense through your referral earns their first $5 within 180 days of sign-up, you will be credited with $5.
  • When that same publisher earns $100 within 180 days of sign-up and is eligible for payment, you will be credited with an additional $250.
  • If, in any 180-day period, you refer 25 publishers who each earn more than $100 within 180 days of their respective sign-ups and are all eligible for payout, you will be awarded a $2,000 bonus (bonus payouts are limited to 1 per year).

AdWords Referrals:

  • When an advertiser you refer spends $5 within 90 days of sign-up (in addition to the $5 sign-up fee) you will be credited with $5.
  • When that same advertiser spends $100 within 90 days of sign-up, you will be credited with an additional $40.
  • If, in any 180 day period, you refer 20 advertisers who each spend more than $100 within 90 days of their respective sign-ups, you will be awarded a $600 bonus (bonus payments are limited to 1 per year).

Also important to mention…

These rules will also apply to users that you have already referred but who have not yet reached one of the new earning/spend thresholds. For example, if you referred an AdSense publisher who has currently earned $2.00, you will be paid $5.00 if that publisher reaches the $5.00 mark. But, if you have referred an AdSense publisher who has already earned $10.00, you will not be paid $5.00 retroactively for that referral reaching the $5.00 mark. However, should that publisher eventually reach the $100.00 earnings mark within 180 days, you will be paid $250.00

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Charge your clients for email marketing

Posted by Rock on July 28, 2007

IT does a great job at presenting some different options to help you get together an approach that works best for you and your clients. how to charge your clients for email marketing.

  1. Template Design (flat fee or hourly rate)
  2. Delivery (usually Dependant on the number of recipients)
  3. Reviewing the results (flat fee or hourly rate)
  4. Subsequent changes to the creative (flat fee or hourly rate)
  5. Other services we’ve seen designers charge for

charging for email marketing

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Search Your Domain Name

Posted by Rock on July 28, 2007

So you’ve got a great idea but just can’t seem to think of a catchy domain name? Here is a great domain name generator tool. Just type a keyword in and you get back a large number of domain name combinations that are available with your keyword.

  • Choose to allow category text to be added before your keyword
  • Choose which TLD you want to search
  • Choose to allow hyphens in the domain name

This is one of the best domain name generators I’ve come across. Let me know if you get any nice ones!

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PHP & AJAX Image Editor

Posted by Rock on July 26, 2007

Pete Frueh has released a PHP-based Ajax image editor. The editor was originally integrated into a content management system, that I had built for a client previously, but the new code structure should make it fairly easy to drop it in anywhere.

You can check out a demo to see it in action.

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Google Gears ‘Offline Apps’

Posted by Rock on July 24, 2007

Google is rolling out Google Gears to confront a big speed bump faced by all web based applications – the ability to work without an internet connection.

Google Gears (BETA) is an open source browser extension that enables web applications to provide offline functionality using following JavaScript APIs:

  • Store and serve application resources locally
  • Store data locally in a fully-searchable relational database
  • Run asynchronous Javascript to improve application responsiveness

Don’t get overly excited now. Google Gears will not just automagically make your web app work offline. To take advantage of the offline features that Google Gears provides, you will have to add or change code in your web app.

There are three core modules provided by Gears:

  1. LocalServer for storing and accessing application pages offline.
  2. Database for storing and accessing application data on the user’s computer.
  3. WorkerPool that helps in performing long-running tasks like code that will synchronize data between your server and the user’s computer.

Be sure to check out the:

  • Gears Tutorial to learn the basic concepts.
  • Sample Apps where you can also download the source code for the samples in a zip file from the same page.

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Brilliant keyword Research

Posted by Rock on July 24, 2007

Brendon Sinclair posted a nice little post about how to get brilliant keyword research.

He mentions that a very easy way to get effective keyword research is to use Google AdWords and do a test run on keywords that you have in mind.

A run as short as 24-48 hours will give you a very good idea on the number of searches done on your keywords. Not only that, but AdWords stats will show you how often your ad was shown and also how many people clicked on it.

Although the AdWords test run idea is not entirely new to the world of SEO, it’s a good nugget of info for those that are just learning or didn’t know.

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Copyright Explained…

Posted by Rock on July 24, 2007

Copyright is often misunderstood, but Copyright on the Web is generally considered as a dark hallway. Smashing Magazine has a great article, Copyright Explained: I May Copy It, Right?, that does a thorough job of explaining copyright both online and offline.

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