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Time Based Internet

Posted by Rock on August 26, 2007

To configure a time based broadband internet service you may add these following few lines inside the squid.conf file:

#Add this to the bottom of the ACL section of squid.conf
#Recommended minimum configuration: ( Under this line )

acl user01 src
acl user02 src
acl user03 src

###Time Mention#####
acl m_t time S M T W H A 13:00-15:00
acl l_t time S M T W H A 18:00-22:58
acl all_t time  S M T W H F A 00:10-24:00

# And finally deny all other access to this proxy (Under this line)

http_access allow user01 all_t
http_access allow user02 l_t
http_access allow user03 m_t

——————————–Brief Discussion———————————

Access Control List defines user one as ‘user01’ with IP address:

Categories time by key word ‘m_t’ ; ‘l_t’  and ‘all_t’

S M T W H F A stands for 7 days , like S = Sun Day, M = Mon Day etc.

At the last stage, http access by the name key & time key.

Lets try it ! Should you have any question regarding this , email me.


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