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Search Your Domain Name

Posted by Rock on July 28, 2007

So you’ve got a great idea but just can’t seem to think of a catchy domain name? Here is a great domain name generator tool. Just type a keyword in and you get back a large number of domain name combinations that are available with your keyword.

  • Choose to allow category text to be added before your keyword
  • Choose which TLD you want to search
  • Choose to allow hyphens in the domain name

This is one of the best domain name generators I’ve come across. Let me know if you get any nice ones!


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Brilliant keyword Research

Posted by Rock on July 24, 2007

Brendon Sinclair posted a nice little post about how to get brilliant keyword research.

He mentions that a very easy way to get effective keyword research is to use Google AdWords and do a test run on keywords that you have in mind.

A run as short as 24-48 hours will give you a very good idea on the number of searches done on your keywords. Not only that, but AdWords stats will show you how often your ad was shown and also how many people clicked on it.

Although the AdWords test run idea is not entirely new to the world of SEO, it’s a good nugget of info for those that are just learning or didn’t know.

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Copyright Explained…

Posted by Rock on July 24, 2007

Copyright is often misunderstood, but Copyright on the Web is generally considered as a dark hallway. Smashing Magazine has a great article, Copyright Explained: I May Copy It, Right?, that does a thorough job of explaining copyright both online and offline.

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